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Project Updates

This page is intended to provide the Heritage Ranch Owners Association membership with updates as close to real time as possible. Below you will find a table that lists all the current projects and what stage they are in:

  • IDENTIFIED – These are projects we are aware of and are working on determining what actions are needed.
  • SCOPE DEVELOPMENT – This is the stage where we have begun consulting with contractors and/or development of the scope of work for invitations to bid on the project.
  • BIDDING – This is the process where invitations to bid have been requested through to the presentation of the bids to the Board for approval. All bids will be open for no less than 30 days and bids will be due on the 9th of each month. This will allow time for the staff to evaluate and prepare presentations for the board. 
  • AWARDED – This is the stage signifying the Board has approved the project and the work is at varying stages of completion. This does not mean that the project has started physical work, this could indicate that the project has begun working on permits and more detailed scope work. 
  • FINALIZED – This is signifying the project has been completed or it has been canceled. This will include the date it was determined to be finalized and whether it was completed or cancelled.

Projects will remain on the list until 12 months after the project has concluded.

Below is a table that will give a status update and a quick note reference as to where the project is. This will be updated every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, should the Monday fall on a holiday it will be updated the following business day. Please check back frequently for the most current information. There may be times where there are no new updates as some projects may be placed on hold due to work site conditions, delays with supplies, shifting of prioritization of projects, or other reasons. If this does happen, the latest update will include that information and additional updates will be added as they become available.

If you do not see a project on this list that you have questions about, please contact the Member Services Office at 805-238-9641 option 1 or [email protected] for assistance. The team will inspect and investigate prior to adding to this list and will provide an update directly if it is not one that falls within the association’s responsibility and will not be included in the below list.


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