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Architectural & Environmental Control (AEC) Committee

Current Committee Members

Ed Cabral

Chairperson, Director

Sheryl Fox

Vice-Chair, Director

John Nadas

AEC Inspector

Michelle Krull

Liaison / Office Contact

Michael Camou


Pat Gentry


Mindy Hinton


Bret Saberhagen


Laura Linda Strickland


Gary Weeck


Meeting Schedule

Date: First and Third Thursday of each month
Time: 9:00 AM
Place: HROA Member Services Office Conference Room
Note: See monthly calendar for any changes

Project submission deadline is the Friday prior to each meeting by 4:00 pm.

Any member who would like to join and/or just sit in during one of our monthly meetings is welcomed to do so.

About the AEC Committee

The Architectural and Environmental Control (AEC) Committee shall consist of a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson.  The Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson must also be members of the HROA Board of Directors.  All AEC Committee members must be in "good standing" and it is recommended they attend a few meetings prior to being approved by the HROA Board of Directors. Committee members must acknowledge and accept the Ethics Policy for committee members in order to serve on the committee. Visitors and volunteers do not participate in the committee's discussions after the meeting has been called to order.  Visitors and volunteers do not vote on committee motions.  The mission of the AEC Committee is to review and approve/disapprove all plans and specifications for any structure or improvement on any privately-owned lot or lots in Heritage Ranch. This review will be in accordance with the CC&Rs that govern the tract that the plans and specifications were submitted for.

AEC Committee Responsibilities

  1. An agenda will be prepared and minutes shall be kept for all AEC Committee meetings. Robert's Rules of Order will govern the conduct of the meetings. Minutes are available for review at the HROA Member Services Office.
  2. The AEC Committee currently meets at 9:00 am on the first and third Thursdays of each month. The Chairperson shall notify committee members of any changes to this schedule at least one (1) week in advance. The committee has the authority to change or set the time and date of its meetings when required to meet the needs of the members.
  3. AEC Committee members will make themselves available to approve projects for which the committee provided conditional approval at the previous meeting, and pending submission of additional data. This is done as a courtesy for property owners to obtain approval of their projects.

Major Issues of Importance

  • Over-the-Counter Approvals at the Member Services Office

    An over-the-counter approval can be obtained at the Member Services Office for any of the following: 1) Re-paint (if paint color samples are the same as current color and are on file), 2) Re-roofing (if roof material samples are the same as current materials and are on file), 3) solar panel installations, or 4) Tree Removals (as long as the tree is not an Oak that requires County pre-approval).
  • Emergency AEC Approval

    An approval can be obtained in advance of an AEC Meeting if the property owner has a health and safety issue with their property that cannot wait. In these instances, the AEC Projects Manager or AEC Committee Chairperson can call in three (3) Committee Members to attend an Emergency Meeting to accommodate the property owner's needs.