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Holly, Reservoir, Windmill, and Riverview (Blue Gill) Entrances

Status:  Open

Holly, Reservoir, Windmill, and Riverview (Blue Gill) entrances have a card reader and an access code keypad.  Access Codes expire every two months.  It is the owners' responsibility to manage guests in these locations.

Six things to remember:

  1. When the gate arm is engaged, stay outside the keep clear zone which is painted with yellow diagonal stripes, when a vehicle is ahead of you moving through the gate arm.
  2. The red light in the lane you are in will go off when it is safe to proceed into the zone.
  3. Use your identification card to gain access at the proximity card reader when the gate arm is engaged in the member lane.
  4. You do not need to touch the proximity card reader which is able to read within 2-6 inches.  It should even be able to read through your wallet or your pocket book.
  5. If you need assistance, use the guest lane.
  6. Report all lost or stolen cards immediately to the Gatehouse so your card can be de-activated and placed on alert status.