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Heritage Park Pool

Heritage Park Pool 

The Heritage Park pool was officially opened on October 11, 2003, and was fully resurfaced in April 2020. An extensive new solar system was added to heat the pool in 2005, which allows us to maintain a water temperature at around 82 degrees during the summer season. The pool is closed during the off season each year, which begins around October 1 and ends Memorial Day weekend.  

Equestrian Park Pool

Equestrian Park Pool

The Equestrian Pool, is open 11 am to 7pm everyday. The Equestrian Park pool normally closes in late summer when usage drops.

• Pool occupancy is a maximum of 23 members at any given time as limited by county permits.

• We will be implementing a 2 hour time limit to accommodate the limited occupancy and allow as many members as possible to utilize the pool.

• The number of people permitted per household will be a maximum of 6, including guests.

• We will be limiting the number of guests per household to a maximum of 4.

• Pool patrons will need to check-in and check-out with the pool attendants to assist with occupancy management.


Equestrian Park

Equestrian Park also features tennis courts, a playground and picnic areas on a shady corner lot.  In 2020, it received new playground equipment to entertain the youngsters.