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All Camping Reservations are made through the HROA Office.

Please remember that all reservations and payments are to be made by the property owner.

The Equestrian Center has been at Heritage Ranch since the first property was sold. The original developer used to give a pony to any property owner that wanted one. We have come a long way since then. Our goal for the Equestrian Center is to continue to make improvements and upgrades for the riding enjoyment of all our members.  We want the Equestrian Center to be a place where members can all come and enjoy time with their horses.

Please respect trail etiquette by obeying all signs. Remember that Equestrians have right of way over hikers, joggers and mountain bikers. Mountain Bikers must yield to both pedestrians and horses. Absolutely no motorized vehicles of any kind are allowed on our trails. If you have dogs, please do not allow them to chase or harass horses, cows or other wildlife. Also remember to keep all gates closed and stay on the trails, this will help to keep them open and defined. Carry plenty of water, wear good hiking shoes or boots and always let someone know where you will be.

Heritage Ranch has several parks available for our residents.

Heritage Ranch has three world-class Pickle Ball Courts.

Heritage Ranch has two pools available for our residents.

The Recreation (Rec) Barn is located on Equestrian Road, just off Heritage Road. Wrapped around three of this building's sides is the Equestrian Center. The Rec Barn received a series of major improvements between 2003-2006 including new windows and doors and exterior siding. The Rec Barn is scheduled for an interior remodel and modernization in 2021.

The basketball court at Heritage Park is scheduled to be fully rebuilt and resurfaced in July/August 2020.

The two (2) tennis courts at Equestrian Park were fully rebuilt and resurfaced in April 2020. They are regularly maintained and offer the nearness of park and pool play areas.