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Main Gate

Gate Status:  Open to Members and Visitors
Staff Business Hours:  7:00 am - 11:00 pm
Phone: 805-238-9641 option 2

Main Gate Procedures and Information

The Main Gate on Gateway Drive is accessible 24/7. Remember that the Visitor lane is to be used by anyone who:

  1. does not have a valid, current decal on their vehicle; or
  2. does not have a valid, current decal on their vehicle and vessel in-tow. 

The Gate Specialist will assist you in gaining access to Heritage Ranch anytime you use the Visitor lane. Security cameras are set up to record and monitor activity at the Main Gate. Anyone who does not have a current decal on their vehicle and/or vessel and attempts to use the member lane is subject to receiving a citation.

HROA Member identification cards are available through the Member Services Office and can be obtained any time during normal business hours. All tenants and residents are required to obtain a new identification card before they will be able to receive their decals. Members can obtain their new identification cards at their convenience any time throughout the year.

New Member ID cards are usually activated within 24 hours. Your identification card will provide access through the member lane when the gate arm is engaged by use of a proximity card reader embedded into the card which is uniquely assigned to you as an individual. (All persons living with you at Heritage Ranch that drive a vehicle will be able to receive an identification card.  The cards will be coded M for member, T for tenant, R for resident or B for Co-Owner.  For an explanation of terms: member, tenant, resident or co-owner please refer to the Membership Handbook.)  Each property lot will receive two identification cards at no cost.  Additional cards cost $15.00 each and replacement of a stolen or lost card cost $25.00 each.

When the gate arm is engaged, it is important you stay outside the "keep clear" zone (which is painted with yellow diagonal stripes) when a vehicle is ahead of you moving through the gate arm.  The red light in the lane you are in will go off when it is safe to proceed into the zone.

Gates are under 24/7 audio visual surveillance.

Six Things to Remember

  1. When the gate arm is engaged, stay outside the keep clear zone, which is painted with yellow diagonal stripes, when a vehicle is ahead of you moving through the gate arm.
  2. Use your identification card to gain access at the proximity card reader when the gate arm is engaged in the member lane.
  3. You do not need to touch the proximity card reader, it is able to read within 2-6 inches. It should even be able to read through your wallet or you wallet/pocket book.
  4. If you need assistance, please use the Visitor lane.
  5. Report all lost or stolen Member ID cards immediately to the Main Gate so your card can be deactivated and placed on alert status.
  6. HROA is striving to allow only individuals who are authorized to be on Heritage Ranch to gain entry.  Your help and cooperation is always appreciated.