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Mussel Inspections

There are currently special requirements for the HROA Mussel Inspection Program due to State and County social distancing mandates to help to protect you and HROA staff from the COVID-19 (coronavirus).  


  1. HROA members and tenants with vessels that meet the criteria, may sign up for the HROA Inspection Program for 3, 6 or 12 months.  Details and instructions are on the forms to the right.  To sign up, you must complete the agreement and a vessel screening permit for each vessel. 
  2. If you have previously signed up for the 12 month program or if you have inspections leftover from last season, you may not have to fill out new forms to receive an updated vessel screening permit.  To enquire, send an email with your member number and vessel registration ("CF") number to [email protected] or call the Member Services Office at (805) 238-9641.
  3. Due to safety considerations, there are no in-person, on-demand, banding or guest vessel mussel inspections being performed anywhere on the Ranch at this time. In these situations, you must go to the Main Marina at the Nacimiento Lake Resort.  For details and directions, visit 
  4. On-demand inspections during limited hours on the weekends will resume when the Mussel Kiosk at the HROA Marina re-opens in April 2021.  
  5. If you have questions, please call the HROA Member Services Office at (805) 238-9641


To ensure we can continue to have a self-supporting Mussel Self-Inspector program, effective January 1, 2019, self-inspectors are required to either:

  • Pay $25.00 annually

  • Volunteer four (4) hours during the peak season

Based on analysis and recommendations by the Marina Committee, this requirement was adopted by the Board of Directors at the September 21, 2018 meeting.

Please contact the HROA Member Services Office at (805) 238-9641 to schedule volunteer hours or to pay.