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Why is there one trash rate, and why is the trash payment mandatory?

Trash pick-up is administered through the Heritage Ranch Community Services District (HRCSD) excepting Tracts 447, 466 and 720.  The HRCSD determines the rates and options available, and is under contract with San Miguel Garbage to perform those services.  The Heritage Ranch Owners' Association (HROA) Board of Directors passed a resolution in 1999 to require all those property owner lots which have a water meter to take (a form of) mandatory trash service through the HRCSD.  (See HROA Mandatory Trash Resolution) 

Tract 447 is for part-time living only (RVs) and HROA provides a dumpster site for which the owners of Tract 447 pay a separate trash assessment directly to HROA.  Tract 466 and 720 are both condominium tracts which are managed by Condominium Associations who provide a dumpster site on their property and collect appropriate fees.

The HRCSD can be reached at 805-227-6230.  San Miguel Garbage can be reached at 805-467-9283.