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Why do some people have private boat docks along the HROA shoreline?

The HROA Board of Directors passed a resolution in 1998 to grandfather in the 62 existing private docks that had been registered through Monterey County at that time and ban any future private docks.   The Private Boat Dock Policy's stated goal is to phase out all private docks over a period of time.  The grandfathered private docks cannot be sold or transferred except to an immediate family member who inherits the owner's property at Heritage Ranch.  As of May 1, 2006 there were 32 legal docks left around the Main Marina and 10 legal docks left anchored up Snake Creek.  The two (2) Condo Associations in Heritage Ranch also have docks up Snake Creek which are separate from HROA.   The private dock owners must register with both HROA and Monterey County each year, pay a fee and provide appropriate insurance.  They must also keep their private docks in good repair.  (See Private Boat Dock Policy)