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Emergency Information and Planning

Emergency Information

For additional information on preparing for an emergency, check out these sources.

During an emergency, check out these sources of information

  • Call 911 to report an emergency
  • Tune into radio stations that have coverage in our area: AM 1180 and 1230 FM 95.3, 96.7, 98.1, 102.7, 104.5 and 105.9
  • American Red Cross website – 

    On your smart phone, download the Wildland Fire and Earthquake APP.  These APPs and their directions and connection to the Cal Fire “Incident Information” reports can be obtained in four quick taps on your smartphone.
  • CAL FIRE/San Luis Obispo County Fire

    Receive radio transmissions with your scanner:
    • Dispatch Frequency 151.325
    • County Command 4 Frequency 151.055
  • PG&E 24 hr. phone line to inquire about power outages 1-800-743-5002