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When are assessments due to HROA?

Assessments are to be paid quarterly and are due at the HROA Office on: January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st.  They are considered delinquent if not paid through the HROA Office by the 15th for which a $10.00 late charge is assessed.  The HROA Office sends out payment booklets prior to the beginning of each Fiscal Year, in June.  (HROA is not responsible for the mail service to make proper delivery, so please mark your calendar to remind you of the due dates for assessments.) 

HROA offers you a convenient way to pay your assessments at no charge to you.  Simply complete an 'Automatic Assessment Payment' form at the HROA Office indicating the method of payment you prefer (credit card or checking account).  The HROA Office will then automatically charge your account when due.