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HROA Launch Ramp now closed due to low water levels

The current low water levels in Lake Nacimiento are forcing us to close our HROA Launch Ramp effective immediately. There were next to no boats that could successfully launch at our ramp this past weekend and we are down to less than 18" of water at the end of our ramp.

The "Low Water" signage cautioning all of our members to launch at their own risk was installed at the Launch Ramp and the Marina area last Friday so please heed these posted signs. We will re-open the ramp as soon as there is enough rain to put a good amount of water back into Lake Nacimiento making our ramp usable once again.

The HROA boat slips off the Point area will stay viable and usable as long as possible, and we will let all boat slip lessees know as soon as possible when their boats need to be moved out due to the low water levels. The Main Marina has already closed their primary launch ramp due to low water levels, but their auxiliary ramp is still open and available as of today.