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Guest Boats and Visitor Boats resolutions from the 3/25/2021 Open Session Board Meeting

Guest Boats (Boats that WILL launch at our launch ramp)

  1. The Board approved a maximum of fifteen (15) Guest Vessels to come through our gates and use our launch ramp at any one time for the boating season effective April 10, 2021 when the Mussel Inspection Kiosk opens for the season.
  2. Guest Vessels will still meet all Association requirements, pay all published usage fees, and be eligible to receive an HROA mussel inspection prior to using our Marina amenities, including the launch ramp and specified overflow parking areas.
  3. No Guest Vessels will be allowed on major holiday weekends for the 2021 boating season due to anticipated low water levels, including Guest Vessels for the HROA Campground.

Visitor Boats (Boats that WILL NOT launch at our launch ramp and will go to the Main Marina)

  1. Effective immediately, Visitor Vessels will be allowed to enter the HROA community in order to only park at members’ or tenants’ residences.
  2. Visitor Vessels will not receive HROA mussel inspections and will not launch from the HROA launch ramp.
  3. Visitor Vessels will not use the HROA Marina amenities or overflow parking lot areas, and will simply park on-property to visit for a temporary period of time in order to launch at the Main Marina.