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“Forever” Decals For All Currently Registered Vehicles And Vessels


Effective December 1st, the new “Forever” decals for vehicles and vessels started distribution from the HROA Member Services office.

There is no appointment necessary to come in and get your new decals!

Below are some reminders for when you come into our office to pick-up your new decals:


  • Please ensure you bring current, valid registration for each vehicle and/or vessel you are looking to decal, along with your member ID. Because these are Forever decals, we cannot accept expired registration or a vehicle title.
  • The Member ID card name and name on the DMV registration must match.
  • All designated Non-Op vehicles that do not leave Heritage Ranch must have corresponding registration that shows each vehicle is indeed registered as Non-Op.
  • If you purchase a brand-new vehicle, we can only issue a decal once you have your permanent license plates installed (no temp, paper plates). If you purchase a used vehicle, and do not plan to switch out the current, permanent plates, you can come in for a decal right away.
  • Enforcement for Forever decals begins on April 1, 2022

Questions?  Please contact the HROA Member Services Office at (805) 238-9641