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2021 Vehicle and Vessel Decals


If you still have a BLUE decal on your vehicle and/or vessel, please bring your current registration and member card to the HROA Member Services Office at 2130 Heritage Loop Road to get a RED decal.

As part of the 2021/2022 Budget process, the Finance Committee will review the costs for the decal program and will make recommendations to the Board of Directors for this program to be easier and more efficient. At this point in time, the Association issues approximately 6,000 vehicle and vessel decals annually. This is a very labor intensive and expensive process that takes months, or sometimes even a full year to accomplish. 

Red 2021 decals will continue to be issued pending completion of analysis and the final decisions regarding any changes to decal procedures.

Additional details are available in the draft minutes for the January 2021 HROA Board of Directors Meeting that were emailed to members on February 10, 2021.