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Boating Permits

Use of Nacimiento Lake requires a daily fee to be paid to Monterey County Parks. There are two Iron Rangers on Heritage Ranch property - one is located near the Main Gatehouse on Gateway Drive and the other is located at the Main Marina parking lot.

If you are a frequent boater, Annual Lake Permits are available. Annual Lake Permits may be purchased by:

  1. Mailing a $165.00 check made out to Monterey County Parks along with a self addressed stamped envelope to:
    Monterey County Parks
    10625 Nacimiento Lake Drive
    Bradley, CA  93426
  2. Telephoning your Visa or MasterCard request to (805) 472-2311 or (805) 238-3256 Ext. 2
  3. Use of one of the Iron Ranger stations located at Heritage Ranch